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July 16, 2011


Resale Craze
by Laura Shea 

Resale Craze is an online clothing consignment boutique specializing in resale designer clothing. Many women love designer clothing but shy away from it due to the extremely high prices. Resale Craze allows you to shop online and find highly discounted previously owned designer clothing.  Some of the items have never even been worn! What a great way to find affordable, high end clothing and still be able to be frugal too.

Resale Craze is perfect for many shoppers. I think of young mothers who no longer have $150 dollars to spend on a pair of jeans now that they are raising a family. It doesn't mean there isn't the want for those jeans, and now there is Resale Craze to allow stylish, young mothers the ability to afford those "designer" tops and jeans and not even have to leave the house to do it.

I also found this a perfect site for my daughter who is a young, college student. She loves spending money on clothes and wants high end items. She works in fast food and therefore needs to be frugal. Resale Craze will be a great site for her to check out for finding her favorite "designer" clothes.

You can make money at Resale Craze even if you do not own "designer" clothing. You can become an affiliate with Internet based referrals. If you do have "designer" clothing, you can  sell your merchandise directly to Resale Craze or even consign your authentic "designer" items.

The site is definitely worth taking a look; you can find Resale Craze on Facebook and Twitter as well.
Facebook: Resale Craze
Twitter: @ResaleCraze

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